My weakness for notebooks

Wow, is it easy to get sucked into blogging! It hasn’t even been a full day yet, and here I am, typing away as if a million people are desperately waiting to read more from my blog.

The only bad thing about blogging is that there is no “new notebook” feel to it. You know, that feeling when you see a new notebook full of beautifully blank, crisp pages that are just itching to be written on? Maybe it’s a fancy moleskin notebook with a leather engraving on the front, or maybe it’s a cheap $2 notebook from CVS that is so small, it can fit in the palm of your hand. Either way, there’s this excitement I have whenever I see a new notebook, and I think about how I would write in it every day and fill it with literary masterpieces that will have the critics raving and the crowds crying with happiness over reading such an emotional, wonderful piece of literature.

So I buy the notebook, fill the first page with a testimony on how this notebook will be different because I will write in it every day, and then, two days later, I only use it for doodles and math problems.

Yup, I’m going to save a lot of money by starting this blog. I just need to avoid all stationary stores.


2 thoughts on “My weakness for notebooks

  1. And here I thought me and my mother were the only ones not immune to stationary stores! My boyfriend literally grumps whenever we walk by one and I say “Uh, let’s go in!”. Notebooks, folders with pretty, fancy Canson paper, or just nice pens or fun cartridge colours… And amazingly they all end up used, whether in a trip or a really boring afternoon. Let me know how well you’re going with avoiding them, ’cause blogging or not I still can’t seem to let go of good old handwriting.

    • I think my success in avoiding stationary stores has a lot to do with my limited budget (read: completely broke). But I still do love writing things down by hand. In fact, right now I’m working my way through a notebook I got as a present two years ago, which is the first time I’ve been able to actively keep a notebook for more than a week 🙂
      There’s something special with actually writing things down though, isn’t there? I’ve still not managed to capture that feeling through blogging.

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