The seasons of friendship
are invisible to the eye—
not marked by changes
in the leaves, sea or sky.

Instead, the seasons ripen
through growing love and care,
through smiles and tighter hugs
of which both sides share.

At first, it is all excitement,
the season of spring.
A new acquaintance is made
to laugh with, share and sing.

Summer and fall, while still fun,
are a friendship of no ideals,
an acceptance of another’s vices,
of finding substance that’s real.

But last is the season that
few friendships can survive.
With dismal darkness, wintry winds,
friendships end in chilly sighs.

Thus friendships in the winter
need to be strong and true,
as those that do survive
will last through black and blue.

So I promise you this,
from a spring beginning to end:
I will be there for you
as a worthy winter friend.


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