What does an English nerd do on a Thursday afternoon? Read a book, watch an embarrassingly wide array of reality TV shows?

On a normal Thursday, you’d be right.

But this Thursday, this English nerd is going to do the exact opposite. This Thursday, I am going to seize the day for the first time in my life and go…


Why, you ask? According to my friends, it’s because I recently acquired a set of metaphorical balls. According to my fellow staff members on the school newspaper, it’s because I’m a highly dedicated reporter who is willing to take one for the team and write an amazing column about this extreme sport.

But really, the main reason is that I don’t want to go through life blindly without ever seizing the day or living life to the fullest (I know, two major clichés stuck right next to each other). I’ve been sheltered my whole life by my two lovely parents, but now that I’m legally an adult (albeit just barely), I figure that it’s time to take some risks, go on some adventures and challenge myself.

So, on that note, here’s a two-part challenge for you:

1. Leave a comment or email me about anything you think I should do to break out of my mold and to experience more in life.

2. Do something crazy yourself! It doesn’t have to be skydiving or anything like that, but just try getting out of your comfort zone.

How’s that for a stereotypical English nerd?


4 thoughts on “An English nerd going skydiving… Something doesn’t add up.

  1. Ahhh I have always wanted to go skydiving. I think I will very soon actually, you may have inspired me here! 🙂
    As for stuff you could do, other extreme sports? White water rafting, bungee jumping, or you could even do extreme ironing (where people iron their clothes on an ironing board while hanging off cliff faces and crazy things like that).

  2. Yay! I’m glad to have inspired someone!
    I have never heard of extreme ironing; it sounds a little too crazy. I’ll look into it though.
    And I did want to do bungee jumping originally, but after seeing the woman fall in Zimbabwe, I couldn’t even think of taking part in that activity. Thanks for the options! I definitely want to do white water rafting now 🙂

  3. OH MY GOD! Do tell us how it went!
    Personally, I don’t handle free falls very well (read: no guts). How about just calling a random number and persuading them to recommend you a movie? Saw that in a book once, would never work in my country…
    I think I’ll just settle for wisdom teeth extraction. Today. In an hour. (Big baby about dentists.)
    Hope it lived up to your expectations!

    • I have the same problem and can’t even go on roller coasters because I get too scared. But sky diving actually doesn’t have that “stomach in throat” feeling that I get when I go on roller coasters, so it wasn’t a problem at all!
      Hope the extraction went okay! And I think a wisdom tooth extraction is certainly more painful than going sky diving, so you are not a big baby at all 🙂

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