The problem with being a private person

I’m a member of a literary/fashion magazine at my school, and someone suggested that we publish poetry in addition to our musings on clothes, TV and lifestyles.

I thought it was a good idea at the time and even thought that I might publish something of my own. “Why not?” I thought. “I’ve got to share my poetry at some point!”

But now, as the submission deadline is drawing closer and closer, I’m just not so sure anymore. Yes, the only people who would really read my poem would be my friends, but do I really want them knowing that I love writing poetry? And what if they think that my poetry isn’t good? Granted, they wouldn’t tell me to my face, but that almost makes it worse, since I wouldn’t know if they were lying about how they felt about my poems or if they were telling the truth.

So that’s my conundrum: to publish or not to publish. I don’t know whether I’m ready to share my innermost thoughts since I’m a pretty private person, which is definitely a part of me that I have a love-hate relationship with.

So, what do you think? Should I publish my poems or wait until I go to college (in seven short months!) to share my love of poetry with the people around me?

And if I were to publish my poems, what poem should I submit? I don’t want to share anything too personal, like Twice or Villanelle.

I’ll have to think this through. I don’t want to regret this, but I’m also scared to give up my shield of privacy.


6 thoughts on “The problem with being a private person

  1. I think you should publish it. I’ve always been afraid to, and I think it’s held me back. But I’ll bet that to a certain degree it’s like public speaking: once you’ve done it a few times and you haven’t literally been pelted with rocks, you’re able to think about doing it again.

    • That’s true. I used to be scared of speaking publicly, but because some of my classes required it, I can speak in front of any number of people without breaking into a sweat.
      I just need to summon enough courage to submit my poem now. This might take a while 🙂

  2. I’ll say if you are getting such an opportunity, go ahead with it. I understand and share your fears, but you can look at it as a perfect way to speak your thoughts out to the World. No one knows the future, and you never know where the tipping point comes.
    Wish you the best 🙂

    • Haha that’s true—I am sharing all of my poems with pretty much the whole world right now. But it’s anonymous, and that makes all of the difference.
      It’s not really a contest; it’s more like a literary magazine that accepts submissions. And since I’m one of the editors, I’m pretty much a shoo-in. Which I guess makes my job easier since it’s not like I’m going to be denied, but I’m still a scaredy-cat when it comes to submitting my poems.
      Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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