We’ll stay up late and
gaze up at star-crossed skies,
as our eyes reflect the glittering
lights twirling higher and higher—

dancing a tango, just like our hearts.
I’d whisper how happy I was
in your ear and I’d feel
my tears and your arms pulling me in tighter.

And I’d let down my hair,
let you in and I’d speak—no,
pour out words that have never been said before
by my mouth.

We’ll spend the night this way,
when we meet and
I’m not too scared to come out.


3 thoughts on “Someday

  1. glad i found you, not-so-clueless, though your “like” disappeared from my blog when i reposted my piece, after i noticed my very-clueless typo that i had to fix!… 😉 nice work, hope you let down your hair someday. meow.

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