To know your face without the book

I always wonder if,
if this wide webbed world didn’t exist
and we weren’t “friends” and
I couldn’t see your life in pieces or in bits,

would I be able to know you?
Not to know your favorite movie or ice cream
but to know what makes you tick, laugh,
and what kind of dreams you dream.

If we saw each other on a street one day,
while waiting for a train,
I bet we would become friends,
not so distant, not so strange.

Although you wouldn’t have known at first
about my quirks or my personality,
you would have found out, through time,
without the help of your brightly lit screen.


10 thoughts on “To know your face without the book

  1. I really like the questions this asks. These thoughts have crept up on me as the FB world has evolved. Of course, even my face-to-face friends, how well do I really know them. Sometimes I fear the attitudes (judgement and such) that discourage a deep knowing. Betrayal is something very difficult to recover from. Yet we do and seek more friendships. Spilling my thoughts here … thank you for inspiring them.

    • I’m glad my poem could inspire such thoughts! I know what you mean. It’s like we’re so scared of betrayal that we keep on the surface level of friendships. I mean, I’ll know what kind of pizza my friend likes, but not about her life and how she feels, and my friends don’t know anything “deep” about me either. Sometimes, I feel as if I don’t know anyone really at all, and it’s moments like these when I let my fingers doing the talking for me through poetry 🙂

      • You’re right. In some ways we are fragmented–stained-glass windows? Part of us on FB, part on the blog (for me a deeper, truer part), part at home, part with friends … I like it and I don’t. Even with those closest to us some of us often suppress something. I’m enjoying exchanging these deeper thoughts with you.

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