I’ll stick with daisies for now

He walked in a torpor among the stalls
that were laden with gifts of flowers.
His eyes peering for a glimpse of red
beneath the colorfully petalled towers.

Sellers shouted “Adonis! Myrtle!”
yet he kept on stumbling blindly
through fields of other, better flowers
that were offering themselves so kindly.

The coins in his hourglass dwindled away;
he could see few hyacinths remaining,
so he picked one up—pausing—
as his quest for a rose began draining

His life’s blood, suddenly felt renewed!
He became a young bird soaring in the sky,
alive! Forgetting his quest
as he gazed at flowers that had such beauty, such shine.

The larkspur, some purpled iris,
all made their way into his purse.
He found gladiolus, magnolia, ranunculus,
though these took time and did not come at first.

Then, as does happen for those who search
when their hearts are finally ready,
his rose found him:
He who had now lived a life full and steady.

Photo by Dana Marie

I suppose this is my version of a Valentine’s poem, although it isn’t really that romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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