Let’s avoid going back to that darkened tunnel
when our mouths were strapped shut by that age-old muzzle,
and we were pushed by a strapping car with a white collar
that ran on its insistent need for incessant power.

The history books flap to Ceausesçu’s Romania,
reminding us to learn from the past’s manic mania.
We must not stand by the wayside and watch
as our gender gets browbeaten, discarded and tossed,

because we are more than just bunnies or sex slot machines;
we are Women. We must fight for our rights and our needs.
We are Women. We may practice different faiths or beliefs,
but we are strong, and we will be heard, and we will be seen.


One thought on “Our work isn’t done yet

  1. I’ve always said I was glad not to be a woman; but, not because I think less of women. Quite the opposite: I think less of men. Thus, I can’t imagine being in a world so constantly and thoroughly screwed up by men, and seemingly subjugated to it.

    Wars. Political discord. White-collar crime. What is at the root of these thing? Generally, middle-aged, white males with over-inflated egos. The drive to be right, powerful, rich – or, all three – has been the one constant plague on humanity.

    I’m so truly sorry that women have to deal with us. Every day at work, I’m sorry to have to deal with us, too! So much posturing and preening. I suppose it’s why i don’t have many male friend, even though I’m a male.

    I prefer peace more the older I get. And, generally, you get more peace out of women than men. Your poem touches the discord I’ve somehow always felt women must feel. The world could use more women in control. We won’t get it in the United State this time around either. It’ll be four more years of one or the other party’s ego-driven males.

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