“You’re only an adult when you finish medical school”

says the 5-year-old I babysit, who I’ll call E.

This is one of the statements that and her 9-year-old sister, said during my babysitting escapades, including my favorite: “Call me tantrum. CALL ME TANTRUM. NOW! MY NAME IS TANTRUM!” which E screamed at the top of her lungs while flailing around in her chair.

After saying this profound thought about adulthood, brought up the point that their mom was then still classified as a child, since she’s taking classes at the medical school even though she’s already a doctor. E squinted her eyes as if trying to spot a flaw in A‘s logic, then laughed and said that she was made a mistake—you’re only an adult when you go to college. So I guess the fact that I’m 18 means nothing to them.

But why am I telling you this? Not because I want to make you guys laugh (although I hope this does), but because told me to tell all my friends about her and A…literally. That girl is going to be a celebrity someday, because she just wants to get her name out there.

I also wanted to show you their magnificent handiwork with nail polish.

It's hard to see because of the lighting, but my left hand is painting in fluorescent pink that extends past my cuticles, and my right hand is painted in silver sparkles.

This definitely beats the crisp, clean nail polish you get at salons. In fact, this is much better than that because it’s so not mainstream. That’s right, hipsters, here’s a new fad for you to take hold of. Although something tells me that glittery pink nails on one hand and silver sparkles on the other is only a combination that 5-year-old and 9-year-old girls would want to have.


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