For those looking for a quick, entertaining read, The History of the World According to Facebook by Wylie Overstreet is the perfect book. It’s witty, riotously funny and something that everyone who has a Facebook account will love and appreciate.

I get that it does sounds a little strange; my friend told me about it a few days ago and said that I had to read it, and I just thought to myself that I’m not going to waste my time on a book about the world told by Facebook.

I think my friend realized this, since she knows me pretty well, and so today she thrust the book into my hands and told me to read it in front of her. And three pages in, I was laughing hysterically… in my physics class. And even though my teacher was glaring at me, I felt compelled to read more, to go from the Big Bang to our time now. And I did, about 4 hours later, when I sat with my friends and laughed over all of the funny jokes in it.

I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good laugh, Facebook user or not. There’s stuff in it for everybody, for history nerds to science buffs. And even though there were a few jokes that I didn’t get and possibly others won’t either, there are many more that certainly make up for it.

Happy Friday everyone!


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