The Awakening

“She would, through habit, have yielded to his desire; not with any sense of submission or obedience to his compelling wishes, but unthinkingly, as we walk, move, sit, stand, go through the daily treadmill of the life which has been portioned out to us.”
The Awakening by Kate Chopin

I’ve been feeling a lot like this lately. Get up, go to school, smile fake smiles, go home, rest, repeat. Maybe the absence of stress allows boredom and the realization of one’s loneliness to creep in.

Haha, this should not be in my inspiration section; this should be in my depressing thoughts section. Hope I didn’t completely bum you out 🙂

But this book is actually quite good so far, and I hope that, through the main character’s progression in the novel, I’ll get some inspiration to change a few things in my own life. I really can’t wait to find out what happens to her in the rest of the book. In fact, what am I doing here blogging when I could be reading? 🙂



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