Smoky dreams

Faint lipstick, it dries and ties my mouth,
until my cheeks blush all the way down to gray.
Two pond blue irises drop in my silence,
your eyes flit to others and flutter away.

Then—oh Glory—you lift your hot,
smoking cigarette—I close my eyes,
and you blow smoke in my face.
And I walk through the glass haze

Though the foggy smoke fills my eyes
i can see your hand atop of mine
while you lean in and my bright red
lipstick mouth is satiated for the first time
by your sweet cherry words and turns
of phrase that carry me to sunset-kissed clouds
higher and higher and up up up—

Until the clouds thin out, and my eyes open reluctantly.
I can see your glazed, downturned eyes;
the smoke has cleared away.
My faint gray lipstick is back again, yes,
it’s here to stay.


Yes, I did wait until nighttime to write my first NaPoWriMo poem. I’m such a procrastinator. But here it is, my very first NaPoWriMo poem! Let me know what you think, but please bear in mind that a poet, particularly this fledging poet’s, ego is very, very fragile.

—NaPoWriMo poem #1


12 thoughts on “Smoky dreams

  1. Very nice! I also wrote mine late at night last night. I did manage to get today’s up just moment’s ago. Good job on your poem!

  2. Wow, that was fantastic, it really draws you in this poem! I loved it! Makes me think I need to write a poem about something more serious than a frog for the next poem I plan on posting, hahahaa

    • Thank you! No, I liked your poem about a frog! And I think the advice that one of your subscribers posted is something I need to take to heart: don’t overcomplicate poetry. I should try writing about something simple once in a while.

      • Yeah, I think it depends on the poem, and especially the form. As I just said in a reply to a comment on that frog poem, people underestimate the power of haikus because they’re so small and simple, yet I think that is their power, and they can be really effective when done well (I have read some amazing haikus over the years that just leave the jaw gaping). But I don’t think your poems are particularly too complicated either, I think you do a better job with poetry than you think you do. One of the biggest things I have had trouble with, which I am only just getting the hang of now, is avoiding telling stories with poetry – this is why I find myself drawn to the forms that are more circular and prevent linear progression of story, that force me to keep coming back to the same point and the same lines. Lately I am struggling more with free verse as a result.
        Anyway, you are doing great, and I am really looking forward to seeing more of your poetry! 🙂

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