A franglish departure

Tu me manqueras—
if you spoke French you would understand
but there hasn’t been a reason for you to, yet

quand je partirai. Alors,
deep down you knew this was coming but knowing
and accepting are different languages at your age

mais tu n’oublie pas,
you think that time is our ally and things will stay the same
though you’ll soon realize that people, even two, always change

que je t’aimerai toujours.
but that’s not easy to hear, for your young ears, believing that your small hands
will always have mine to hold. But, sooner or later, you’ll understand these words:

I will miss you
when I go
but don’t forget
I will always love you so. 

Au revoir.


The translation’s a bit off, but I think it works 🙂 If it’s drastically different though, let me know

—NaPoWriMo poem #4


4 thoughts on “A franglish departure

      • Now that I don’t believe. You probably write wonderful poetry! You should post some of yours up on your blog—I would love to read it! Because you won’t get better until you start sharing it with others. Trust me, I wrote some pretty awful poetry in my day, all angsty and just not fun to read.

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