Goodbye High School

There it is, the last peal of the last bell
that’s marked our high school lives and years,
that interrupted our school day hours
but now is quenched by our senior cheers.

The last bell, but it sounds just like the first
that frightened us our early high school days,
when we huddled on the freshmen quad
and carried our maps to find our different ways.

But the bell slowly faded to the background
of our years—from ninth to twelfth grade,
when our new friends, dances and
homecoming games made us much less afraid.

And now we will not even hear the bell
that followed us around every hour at Hum;
instead we’ll hear new sounds, see new sights
that will shape the person we are to become.

But though the future may seem foggy and unclear,
and we know that the bell has rang its last rang
we’ll thank Hum for the four great years we’ve had,
and, whatever our future, we’ll go out with a bang.


Here’s the poem for my last high school paper, in which the seniors get together and make one last issue that talks about college, leaving high school and all of that. I volunteered to write the poem for it, which is something that I definitely wouldn’t have done if you guys hadn’t given me the confidence I have now about my poetry, so please let me know what you think about it!

Also, sidenote: I originally wrote my school’s name, but I don’t really want you all to know that (again, I have trust issues and all of the mumbo jumbo), so that’s why I have the word Hum in there (since it rhymes pretty well with my school).


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