A Lesson

I learned a lesson when I was young,
and I lost my bracelet to the hungry sea;
and I watched the white froth of waves
slink away with my sunshine yellow beads.

I learned the art of letting go. I washed
my newly, bare wrists in the deep blue sea
and walked away, nary a tear, now well
versed in how to forget what used to be.

I learned how to give up on lost pencils
and pens as I grew older and wiser.
I let my “mature” mind forget old toys,
playground friends and bicycle tires.

But now at the pinnacle of my success
when I’ve learned all I can and all I’ll need,
I can’t.
It seems the art of losing is not for me.

With you, it seems my skills have diminished
for I cannot forget you and I cannot walk away
I have forgotten how to give up; I have forgotten
how to let goβ€”and soβ€”
your memory I will always retain


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