Reader’s Appreciation Award

I have just received a Reader’s Appreciation Award from the oh so amazing theotherwatson, which set me thinking about how much I owe my blog and my poetry to all of you who have decided to spend your important, precious time reading all of my inane ramblings, poetry and book reviews.

All of you are so kind, sweet and considerate, and you make me so glad I started this blog and entered a community of such thoughtful people. It’s because of you that I felt comfortable writing a poem for the senior issue of the school newspaper, and it’s because of you that I am going to continue writing, sharing and hopefully publishing my poetry. You guys are so fantastic and I would be nothing without you.

So, without further ado, here are the rules of the award! First, I need to link back to the person who gave me the award (thank you so much theotherwatson!) and secondly, I need to nominate six readers of my own.

Here goes:

1. Fromsonika — She has been with me since the very beginning and has always lent her supportive voice to my posts.

2. rashmenon — As a rule, rashmenon always makes my day with all of the kind things she says. She’s a great poet in her right, so when she stops by my site and says so many sweet things, it makes me feel so wonderful.

3. Olivia’s Opinions — When she comments on my poems, I always feel like a million bucks. She also has the best book reviews, so please check out her site!

4. Scriptor Obscura — Scriptor Obscura is the person who got me involved with the trifecta challenge, which is something I will always be grateful for.

5. Vanessa Grassi — Always has the kindest things to say and has kept me from getting into a blogging lull on many occasions.

6. Jonathan Nelson — He’s a relatively new blogger, and you should definitely check out his site because he always has interesting things to say.

Thank you so much all of you, and thank you so much to all of my readers! All of you are so kind and fabulous, and I really feel special to be a part of this great community of bloggers.


9 thoughts on “Reader’s Appreciation Award

  1. Hey this is cool. I appreciate this! Alas, I need to work on my blog a bit more. It is kind of dying, as I made a post about it today. (Or was it yesterday?) Anyways. I appreciate this a ton. Thanks! 🙂

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