A big shout out to cricketmuse for nominating me for the Liebster Bog Award!

The rules and meaning of this blog are fairly simple: it’s awarded to those who have fewer than 200 followers (such as myself) and it’s supposed to highlight the under-recognized blogs.

So here are the blogs I think should be more appreciated (although I don’t know for sure if they have less than 200 followers because they don’t have the follower widget). There were many more who deserve this award, including those who I gave the reader’s appreciation award to, but I thought I’d spread the blogger love to people I hadn’t already given any awards to, such as:

Green Paw-Paw — a blog I recently just came across (and when I say recently, I mean like yesterday recently), and it is so great! The administrator of this blog is also a part of Writers’ Bloc, a blog that all of the writers and readers out there should definitely check out.

theurlthingie — another blogger who loves books just as much as me

rosemary mint — a great poet who is incredibly creative

Read You Bastard — The name says it all


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