The Good Kind of Problems

I was hanging out with friends today, and of course, with the friends I have, we decided to go to the used bookstore near my house.

And of course, being the literary nerd that I am, I couldn’t leave the store without buying a few books.

And then… my friend suggested another used bookstore and another, until we had travelled all around my town, and my purse was full of books, and my wallet was completely empty.

So now I have five new books to add to the shelf where I keep books I haven’t read yet, which was already pretty packed to begin with.

And I also still need to finish Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Aaaaand (yes, there’s more literary madness still to come) I’m part of a book club, and I’m supposed to read the first 12 chapters of Lolita by Saturday.

What a great problem to have: too many books to read.

Instead of first world problems, I think this is an English nerd problem 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Good Kind of Problems

  1. I love the meme: English Nerd Problems. We should spread it. Mine is that I now got two new (well, new to me) bookshelves in my dining room (library) and now that all my books are finally out of their boxes, how do I arrange them on the shelves, by genre in alphabetical order, or by type and how they look on the shelves, size, etc? lol

    And I know Pirsig’s books take time, but Zen was one of my favorites. Read it twice, and the sequel Lyla once. But the first book is in my top ten ever.

    • That sounds like an excellent problem, just as good as mine! Hmm… I always sort mine out by category, but then within that category it goes by alphabetical in terms of author’s last name.
      But I know what you mean, because whenever I suddenly get the urge to reorganize my bookshelves, I also struggle over whether I should put my mystery books here, or if they should all just be alphabetical by name or author.
      And in the end, I normally just organize them the same way as I have always done 🙂

      Oh, I didn’t know there was a sequel! Haha lovely, another book to add to my shelf now 🙂 And yes, his book is taking me a very long time, and there are parts when I don’t think it’s worth it, and then I find a gem in a paragraph or chapter, and I know that I have to keep reading on.

      • Yes, finishing the book is worth it! The sequel though. . . I wouldn’t think less of you for not finishing. Whereas Zen is about philosophy, mostly, as well as his relationship with his son, the sequel, Lyla is a modern, post Christian look at morality. Same character, later in life, does a sailing/boating tour, trying to figure out what a modern world should base morality on. I didn’t like it as much, but it was worth reading I guess.

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