Not Only Blue

“Poetry is life and life is suffering” 

That was one of the three tenets his old poetry teacher had thundered out during class, until finally it became a tenet for Tristan’s own life.

“Only in the darkness can you find the truth.”

Although Tristan had diligently tried to capture true agony in the sheltered suburbs of his home, donning ripped clothes and smoking cigarettes in the process, there wasn’t enough darkness for him to write. He decided to gather inspiration by travelling to impoverished areas, hoping that their despair would seep into his poetry.

“Life is punctuated by the blue. Let the sadness permeate your soul.”

At first, he travelled to Honduras and found endless material in the poverty of the families who lived in shanties and had swollen stomachs filled with air. But after reading over his poems again, they sounded fake, not truthful at all.

Despite the feeling of dissatisfaction, Tristan sat outside in the May rains, hoping to get at least one good poem out of the trip. He sat there noticing the signs of sadness, until, suddenly, he heard a peal of laughter. There, in the rain, were a group of children dancing and squelching their toes in the mud, happy despite with their swollen bellies and lines of dirt and hardship on their face.

Tristan felt inspired. For the first time since the writing class, he felt eager to write. Could his teacher have been wrong? For he felt connected to this joy that he never had with the sadness and sorrow of his teacher’s teachings.

And as he stood there in the rain watching the children and mentally throwing away the three tenets his teacher had taught him, he came up with a tenet of his own:

“Life is blue.

But it is also red, almond, marigold, periwinkle and raspberry. It is black, white and even the absurd, nonsensical potato. Life is any color you want it to be.”


This week’s trifecta:

On to the weekly prompt, where we give you one word and ask that you give it back to us, using the third definition, in a 33-333 word response. The word is:

BLUE (adjective)

1  : of the color blue
2  a : bluish <the blue haze of tobacco smoke>
b : discolored by or as if by bruising <blue with cold>
c : bluish gray <a blue cat>
3  a : low in spirits : melancholy
    b : marked by low spirits : depressing <a blue funk> <things looked blue>

Definitely not my best entry, but I’m glad that I actually did something since I’ve been shrinking the Trifecta competition for a while now. So hopefully, it’ll only get better from here 🙂


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