This is a rather long and pointless story (as are most streams of consciousness) but it’s for Free Write Friday, in which a photograph is shown for inspiration, and we are supposed to write a story about it. It’s definitely not an amazing piece of literature by no means, so be warned. Hope you enjoy my gibberish!  ——————————————————————————————————————

The moon was incandescent that night, though Elphbet wished that the other two moons were out of the cover of the clouds so that they too might guide her way through the marshlands. Elphbet wasn’t suited for the marshs. With her shiny orange and black coat and her long tail that got caught in mud and bushes, Elphbet was more suited for her fertile home planet. At least there she blended in with the rest of the life forms.

There! That was the signal, the light in the trees signaled to Elphbet to join the rebel forces and lead the attack. That was what she had been paid for to do anyway. She had a high success rate for leading rebellions, and she didn’t ask too many questions. In the eyes of rebels on every single planet, she was the perfect leader. She scared the troops into a dim-witted respect and obedience because of her strange quadruped appearance and pearly white teeth, and she left immediately so that the political masterminds behind the rebellion could take charge without anymore bloodshed necessary.

She was the perfect leader, and she was expensive.

The light was wavering now. A few minutes had passed and the rebels still hadn’t heard the splash of water that should have indicated Elphbet’s arrival into the marshes. For all they knew, she was still up on the dry land licking her paws like she always did before she had to make a big speech. And so they waited. They believed in Elphbet, and they didn’t want to give up on her the night when she was going to lead them to victory.

Elphbet saw the flickering lights and bared her teeth in her own peculiar type of grin. Her eyes closed into small slits as she moved between the rocks and the grass, though not as stealthily as she normally would have. She wanted them to see her, wanted them to see her bright orange and black coat and sigh in relief. For the first time, Elphbet was giving away her position.

Just as she expected, the lights went out the minute they saw her gliding toward the water. “Now,” the rebels all thought at the same time, “swim through the water to our side and lead us to victory. Then we will be safe from our murdering, greedy government.” They knew the Elphbet was the only one with the government maps, the only one who knew the schedule of the Reignor who had tormented them for generations and generations. She was the only safe one because she was the only one who had no reason to betray them.

But then. But then they saw her pause and yawn lazily as she stopped her beautiful, seductive glide right in front of the water. They heard her piercing roar in the sky, giving away not only her position, but theirs as well. And they felt the ground quiver as the pods from underneath carried the Enforcers whose job it was to kill all rebels.

They looked at Elphbet in silence as their chance for a happier life came crumbling down. And Elphbet smiled her peculiar grin, and said,

“I don’t particularly enjoy water. But I did enjoy your money.”

She walked away, back into the shadows of the building that the rebels had generously given her, and entered a deep sleep, dreaming of tomorrow when the leader of the totalitarian government, the Reignor, would take her back to her home planet in his space pod. To Elphbet, there were some things more important than the security of a few peasants. For instance, there was herself.


4 thoughts on “Free Write Friday

    • Haha I’m surprised anyone read my midnight ramblings so thank you very much!
      And I liked yours a lot too! I really like the story within the story aspect to it. Can’t wait to read your response to next week’s FWF prompt!

  1. This reminded me so much of one of my favorite moves… Narnia! What a wonderfully magical take on this weeks prompt, I am so happy to have you join us for FWF! Thank you and please, write with us again soon!

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