Scheduled Post #1

I think you can tell from the title that all of my creativity has drained out of my body into the hot, hot sun that seeps into the cracks of my bedroom window at night.

And when I feel that my creativity levels gets too low, I turn to my favorite pastime—reading!

Because, really, reading is just like traveling around the world while staying in your own room; it’s having great adventures and getting to try on new perspectives; and, most importantly right now, it gives me new ideas to irrigate my drying well of creativity.

But I think my favorite thing about reading is that I lose track of time and, for that moment, I only exist in the black ink on the paper. I forget everything in my life, and I just read and read and read.
What is your absolute favorite thing about reading? Do you enjoy the way the words roll off your tongue, or are you more about the plot of the story? Or, if you detest reading (and there are people I know who do so), why?

5 thoughts on “Scheduled Post #1

  1. I have a love of words, I too can get lost in a book so easily. I can pick up one that I have read before and get lost again. I put myself in them….lol. I have quite a number of Louis Lamore westerns and I have to admit I was quite dangerous and yet compassionate in the old west….

    • That is so true. Even the best plot line can fall flat if not written well enough. I think that’s why I love Alexander McCall Smith’s books, because he has little to no plot, but he writes so beautifully and brings up such interesting ideas.

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