How similar are we really?

I lead a highly embarrassing life, especially because there are two sides of me: the extroverted side that doesn’t care what people think and just goes with the flow, and the introverted side who will mull over every single thing that happened in the day and agonize over small details. And when my introverted side gets a hold of me and makes me stressed out over something that happened in middle school, I start humming to block Miss Introvert out.

I thought that this was something only I did, something that only pertained to me because I’m just crazy enough to have to do this.

However, I was watching a youtube video (what I do in my free time besides blog. I have such an exciting life) in which the vlogger said that he did the exact same thing and that he used to think he was the only one who did this, but then found out he wasn’t.

Anywho, this got me thinking: what other unique features about me do I have that aren’t actually that unique? So I thought I’d share with you some of my quirks, and then if you also share them, give me a shout out so I don’t feel sad and alone!

1. Whenever I’m lying or in an uncomfortable situation, my neck starts feeling tingly and I have to keep on stroking it or I have to put on a scarf to make the feeling go away. Or, as I just found out, this tingly feeling also occurs when I remember that I have this problem and am writing or talking about it. Great. Now I need to wear a scarf in 90 degrees weather, which definitely will not look like I have a hickey.

2. I always think that someone is planning a surprise birthday for me. I could be babysitting, and their mother will ask me to pick up her son because she’s caught in traffic, and I’ll think “Wouldn’t that be the perfect way to surprise someone? Get them to drive themselves to the baseball field and then throw them a fabulous party? I would never in a million years guess that.” And this isn’t just during my birthday month, it’s year-round. Even 6 months after my birthday, I keep on thinking someone’s planning a surprise party, using the rationale that I would be completely surprised if it was in June or July instead of November.

3. When someone recommends a book, a movie or anything to me, I’m less inclined to want to do anything about it. And then I realize what a colossal fool I was being when I find out that the thing they were recommending was actually really good.

4. I could extremely irate when people say “I could care less.” IT’S “I COULD NOT CARE LESS” STUPID PEOPLE! And sadly, most of these people are strangers to me, so I can’t go bat shit crazy on them like I want to.

5. I have this weird habit of running pages in a book through my thumbnails, with the effect that my thumb nails are now slanted and I always get weird looks at nail salons. On the plus side though, I have gained a minute amount of respect from my brother for being gross.

On second thought, that’s not much of a plus side.

6. When I have to tell someone bad news, I get a big urge to laugh. Kind of like Claire from Modern Family when she has to tell her son, Luke, that his elderly friend passed away… and she makes a face like this:

It’s not like I find bad news funny, but I really can’t control it. Thankfully, I have never actually laughed, but that’s because I have to screw up my mouth in a really odd position.

I don’t know, I’m just one messed up person.


15 thoughts on “How similar are we really?

  1. Haha, Yeah I have a similar reaction to recommended books and movies. It takes me ages to finally watch / read said recommended work and then I regret not done it earlier!

  2. i’m also an ayer for #3 🙂 a half-yes for #6: it makes me laugh when someone’s just had an embarrassing accident, like falling off a chair or slipping and falling on the floor. i know that such things’ll hurt but my first instinct is always to laugh!

      • I think humour has often been my coping mechanism for a lot of things in life. One look at my DVD or even my boook collection in places will confirm that – half my DVDs are comedies or comedians, and I have a full shelf of silly humorous books, with other shelves of also funny books scattered too. 😛

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