I finally got my tattoo!

I got it on Friday (coincidentally Friday the 13th), accompanied by my mother and my best friend, and it was actually a pretty nice experience. Granted, the first half hour was not fun, when I realized that the design I had picked out months in advance was going to take over half of my calf and that the tattoo artist couldn’t make it smaller because then the proportions would be wrong.

Fortunately I found another design that I like just as much, and the tattoo artist was very nice about it.

I definitely overestimated how much a tattoo would hurt. I always envisioned the tattoo artist using needles and puncturing my skin, but honestly, it did not hurt that much at all. It was kind of like someone scratching you, sometimes more violently, but never so bad that I screamed out or started crying. And my best friend was with me the whole time (my mother was too queasy to watch) distracting me by talking about Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. It worked. And it also caused my tattoo artist to call us dorks a few times as he listened to his heavy metal with a tattoo gun in his hands. We didn’t care.

The only problem with my tattoo is that, from a certain angle, it can look like a menorah. I guess that just means I have to marry a Jewish guy now.

Overall though, I’m pretty happy. I had a minor stress ball moment at night, during that time when your mind is half asleep and half thinking, when I thought “would it still be alright to have a tattoo when I’m 40 or 50? What will people say?” And then, as if emerging from the murky waters, I suddenly woke up and thought “Who the hell cares?” I felt so clear, so present at the moment, and I knew then that all of the worries I have about my tattoo don’t matter. I like my tattoo, and now, it’s a part of me.

So if people want to think that I’m a biker chick because I have a tattoo, let them. I know that I am a nice, respectable, English nerd, the kind who doesn’t party, drink or do anything that society believes teenagers do. And I have a tattoo. I am a tattooed English nerd, and I love the way I am.

It only took me a tattoo to come to this realization.



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