The Kreativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards

Wow! I just got nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award and Versatile Blogger award, and I am so happy and surprised right now! It’s such a nice feeling to know that not only do people read my posts and poems, but they also appreciate them. I am just so thrilled right now… I wish I could find words that explain how I feel in better terms. Elated? Joyful? Effervescent?

Either way, I would like to thank all of you who read my blog! It’s great to have kind, helpful readers like you, because you really do help me grow as a poet and as a person. Also, a special thanks to wantoncreation for nominating me for these awards and also— congratulations for being nominated for these awards as well! You’ve kind of been my online poetry mentor, showing me new styles of poetry and also motivating me to write and experiment with poems. Actually, I think you were the first person who commented on my poetry, so thank you so much for all your advice and for nominating me!

So here’s how the award works. I have to write 10 facts about myself that I haven’t already told you, and then I have to nominate a few bloggers myself. Hereeeee goes!!!

1. I love long car rides. Not because of the destination, but because it’s a time when I can sit, listen to my music and contemplate life. I probably would like it a whole lot more if I could read without puking in the car (I’m such a weakling when it comes to car sickness. Or anything for that matter), but I really do enjoy calm car rides, just sitting in the passenger seat. In fact, I actually prefer it if people don’t talk during long car rides, because it allows me to collect my thoughts and enter that dream-like state when you just you feel relaxed and calm.

2. I am allergic to dust. This means that I was allergic to stuffed animals as a child, a fact that my friends can never get over and always pity me for.

3. I’m the Managing Editor of my school newspaper. I’m pretty much second-in-command, which means that I don’t have to make all of the hard decisions, but I still get an overall view of the production of the paper and I’m still able to edit people’s articles. So it’s pretty amazing 🙂 And on that note…

4. I love editing. It’s almost like I’m a paleontologist who gently removes the dust away from the skeleton to reveal an awe-inspiring collection of dinosaur bones. I love trying to make other people’s good writing great, and, oddly enough, I love how the paper looks like when I’ve finished editing it, and it’s all covered in colorful ink. Although, I’m sure the person who receives my edits positively hates me.

5. Stress balls make me more stressed. Whenever I try to squeeze a stress ball, I feel the need to squeeze it until it pops, which, as a stress ball, it never does. And all of this squeezing and wishing the stress ball would just POP ends up making me more stressed.

6. I can wiggle my ears without touching them, which is a skill that will serve me well throughout my life (sarcasm alert).

7. My dream job is to work at The New Yorker as an editor. I know it’s pretty impossible, but-hey-that’s what dreams are for, aren’t they?

8. Although I love reading, something in me is against picking up a new book, particularly if it’s highly recommended. I don’t understand this, but the more people who tell me I should read a certain book, the more I don’t want to. And then I read the book and realize that it’s AMAZING and that I was a fool. This is true for movies and for music. I guess I’ve got a little hipster inside me, wanting to eschew all things mainstream 🙂

9. One of the items on my “before I turn 30” bucket list is to shave my head. My mom told me of a temple in Chennai, India where people go to pray for good luck and, as a sacrifice of sorts, shave their head. I’m don’t practice Hinduism; in fact, I’m not really religious at all, but I think that this is a great way to identify with my Indian heritage.

10. I’m a scorpio, and in pretty much every single horoscope I’ve read, this means that I’m either a slut, someone with anger management problems, or both. I hate being a scorpio.

Hope you enjoyed my random facts! If not, here are a few bloggers that I’m nominating for this award, who I think you will enjoy:

Thank you once again!